How to post on craigslist?

How to post on craigslist?

Craigslist is an advertisement website. Which have many sections like housing, for sale, items wanted, services, gigs, resumes, community services and discussion forums.

In this way, I will explain the posting strategies about craigslist

Requirements for posting…..


2 Posting Data

3 Pictures

4  Live link

Step 1

First, open a browser (Google/Mozilla) then write in the search bar of the related browser. A home page is opened. Then go to my account, put account/PVA in the email and password or click login.

craigslist add

Next page is open, which put the city name of the required state and then click on “go”

Where you get a form filling page. There you put title, city or neighborhood, postal code, description, below the description all options are based on the Ads requirements.

Press continue, map page is opened. Click on the continue button.

how do i put an ad on craigslist

The image page is opened. Click on “Add Images”, select the related pictures of the Ads. After that click on “done with images”

In the coming next page we will see the “publish” button. Under this publish button we have 3 more buttons which we use according to need of any change we required in the Ads. Then press the publish button. The Ad will be published or post.

After that, we will get a link of the Ad to take that link and saved.

How to Create a PVA Craigslist Accounts

For a craigslist account, first, we learn about  Gmail or yahoo email. An email is a basic thing to create a craigslist account.let’s get started,

Open on Browser, a web page opened click on Gmail, then a sign-in page is an open click on create an account, fill out all the information which on next fill the next page and also put a phone number in the info page. After that, a code is coming on your phone put that code in the filling area. A Gmail account is Made.

Now, open click on my account, a login page is opened Use that Gmail account in the craigslist create account area.

best craigslist posting service

Thanks for signing up for a craigslist account is Opened.

Go to the Gmail account where craigslist sent a link copy that links from there and pastes it in craigslist search bar area.

craigslist post ad

Set a new password, set your passwords there and Click on continue to your account and read the terms Of use and “Accept” then as you will see the login to an account that we Just make. Remaining All the method is the same as posting the Add-in craigslist.

In the last section, the account asks for phone verification in which put verified Number code is given to you By a call or text put that Number in the code area.

A Craigslist Account is made.

Renew the Add

After posting the Add the Add will become live or flag.if the Add will live we will get a Renew after 2 to 3 days.

Go to the craigslist login page Put Account And Password and click.

An Add page is opened click on the “renew” the Add will open get back to the Add page and then take the link of the renew Add.

This is the easy way to get the Renew of your Add and get more and more Add on your craigslist site.

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