What is Craigslist?

What is craigslist?

In This Blog You Will Learn About Craigslist Website How Craigslist Grows Their Users And How They Are Decreasing Their Users Day By Day.

By Kashif Ibraheem

After the industrial revolution, science and Technology have gained a strong position in the lives of people. Meanwhile, the prompting population of the world in further aggravating the situation. To support this massive population, the government, as well as Private sectors, are extending their endeavors to bring livelihood for these people. ‘Craigslist is the name of such a venture that aimed at facilitating people to find their field related jobs. Craigslist is a classified advertisement website, which comprises different portions allocated for various situations like; required products, services, services related to community and discussion forums. 

Having started in 1995 as an email distributor ‘Craig New-mark’ used to use as a way to publicize the upcoming events in San Francisco Bay Area. Due to expanding Technology in 1996, this platform was taken into the form of a website, for the time being, people in 70 countries use this platform. 

The working procedure of Craigslist and its revenue:

Significant expansion in the number of user and Ranking of the Craigslist:

No one could have expected that a story which started with a single person would grow that much. The gradual but significant expansion in the number of users and the still-emerging Ranking of the website is genuinely a matter of honor for that single person named ‘Craig Newmark.’ By the end of it was only ‘Craig Newmark’ who was handling this site, but at the end of 1997, he gained a remarkable success when he succeeded in winning 1 million page views per month. Companies like Microsoft wanted to use this platform to propagate their ads to the masses.

By the end of 1998, many people had joined Craig voluntarily. Soon after feeling the need of the hour, Craig decided to towards Civic engagement. Civic engagement could have helped those people in a more effective way who were finding jobs. This valuable addition allowed far-flung situated people to know about job opportunities. This engagement proved to be a dramatic move that rapidly boosted the user and revenue of the website. In 2008 some other languages were added in the database of Craigslist; these languages were Spanish, German, and French. This addition has been made to make the website more useful for the people.

Here we have some facts and figures which would present a better illustration for the growth of Craigslist.

  • Today, about 700 cities of the world are enjoying the benefits of Craigslist, and it is working in nearly 70 countries.
  • About 9 billion people daily visit this site, and this figure is enough to establish the worth of this site. Moreover, 30 million classified ads come to the Craigslist in one month.
  • Craigslist always remained in the top 20 sites in the USA.
  • Craigslist sustains 60 million US viewers and 50 billion page viewers every month.
  • The worldwide Ranking of the site is 118, according to CNN, with a revenue of about $1 billion per year.
  • In 2016 Craigslist revenue was $694 million, but in 2018 the revenue plummeted to double of 2016.

Significant Deflation In The Number Of User And ranking Of Craigslist

There Are A Lot Of Reasons Of Delation In The Number Of Users And Ranking Of Craigslist. First Of All, In My Opinion, Craigslist Made Service Section Paid On March 2018. After That Users Were Moving Day By Day From Craigslist And They Are Charging 5$ Per Ad In-Service/Gig Section. I Think Service/Gig Section Was The Main Source Of Traffic On Craigslist. Making Craigslist Service/Gig Section Paid Was A Good Move For Craigslist Business But Not For Users. In-Service/Gig Section A Lot Of People Were Selling Their Services. People Those Were Dependent On Service/Gig Section Their Main Source Of Income Was Service Section. No One Believes That Will Happen But They Did. In 2016 Round Figure Was 9 Billion People Visits Daily On Craigslist And More Than 30 Million Classified Ads Posted On Craigslist In A Month. According To Alexa Craigslist Ranking Going Down Day By Day Right Now I Will Show You Past 90 Days Data Of Ranking, You Can See 39 Number Decreased in Past 90 Days Now Craigslist Position is 161 Number And Decreasing Day By Day
Craigslist ranking

In My Opinion, That is Reason Of Deflation In User On Craigslist And Craigslist Ranking.
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